Candlewood's Steamboat Powder Dog

  Better known as Woody he is our first baby and one incredible Yellow Lab.  When we decided to get a dog we knew we wanted the kind of dog that is always game to get outside with us and that means he would have to be fit for a life lived in the mountains: powder snow, mountain bike rides, hikes, days at our water-ski lake and whatever else might come up.  He would need to be great around people (Wendy added kids) since we are lucky to have a great group of friends and Wendy had long ago decided we would be having a kid.  Wendy grew up with an amazing Golden named Major and I had always liked labs so we choose a lab because we thought their shorter hair would be easier to deal with and stay cooler on hot summer days.

  I did some research and we decided that a field trials lab would be perfect for us with their taller more athletic build and boundless energy. We knew we wanted a special dog that would have the best possible chance of having a long and healthy life so we knew that we wanted to only look at high quality breeders. That behind us I decided to write a letter to share with prospective breeders so they would know what kind of home we would be for their puppy and to help us communicate the traits we were looking for in our first boy.



We probably did more research into the choice of our first dog than we did into our first child. There are so many more choices to make with a dog (the type, color, breeder, sire, bitch ...) and someone else has to agree to give you one. With a kid you've already chosen the parents and they'll let anyone do it so once you decide (or are coerced into it) it's really pretty simple if mother nature has smiled on you. Wendy give me a hard time about this being the case, what else can I say?