Snow Cat Powder Skiing Trip 3-05

San Juan Ski Durango, Colorado

Right click on the Snow Cat above then click save target as to download and play the slide show I made from your computer.  If you just click above it will just start playing in a few minutes when it's finished downloading so be patient.

  This year I organized a group of ski friends for a Snow Cat Skiing trip to San Juan Ski Company in Durango, CO.  I chose them because they have experienced guides that can rip, the 35,000 acres of terrain they have to choose from means there is always good snow in the bank and the great time we had last year.  The first day we went to the Cascade creek area. It was pretty overcast but visibility is almost always good in the trees. There was one drop I made off a ledge into a powder field where I couldn't see a thing until the bottom but the snow was so nice I just skied by the feel of the powder under my skis.  The snow was great except for the first run where it was a little heavy due to it's exposure. 

  You can tell when we get to day 2 in the slide show because it was a bluebird day. We headed up to the Scotch Creek Area for the day. I knew it was going to be great when I scooped up a big handful of light powder as I got off of the Snow Cat on our first run in the middle of an area with plenty of exposure to the sun.  Everyone definitely took it up a notch on Sunday with plenty of racing down the hills to snake each other's lines. There was plenty for all it just seems a little sweeter when you can beat your buddy to it even when there is plenty to go around.  As usual our guides were first rate and they became part of the group within the first couple of runs.

If you are a powder skiing nut like me check out the ski blog or the Colorado Backcountry blog.

   Thanks to everyone that went for making it another epic trip and to San Juan Ski Company for delivering plenty of the goods and four great guides.

Jeff Evanson powder skiingpowder skiing San Juan Snow Cats

Jeff Evanson                                      Bo Parsons

Lem Tingley powder skiing San Juan Snow CatsErik Boye powder skiing San Juan Snow Cats

Lem Tingley                                           Erik Boye

anthony francavilla powder skiing air

Anthony Francavilla                   Phil, Bo, Erik, Jeff, Tony, Jon, Lem, Trent & Kevin in front

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