Want to Ski Silverton Mountain?

So did I, unfortunately the reality doesn't match the hype.

Why I don't recommend Silverton Mountain:

- You are likely to get a poser guide, 3 groups that I had friends in that day had weak guides. I learned the next from another group that on the previous day our guide had jumped off rocks several times, fell and they needed to pickup his equipment each time. We had to talk him into going for a 4th run, we had plenty of time based on how longs our runs had taken and his own excuse not to go. Weak guides have been a common thread with other people I talked to about Silverton Mountain.

- Their safety procedures were ridiculous. It was 2 weeks after a storm and we were skiing previously tracked trees one at a time for 150 feet then being told to hide behind this tree not that one before the next person could go.  I can't imagine how freaked out they would be a good dump.  Silverton Mountain has nothing on Utah from a terrain or snowfall standpoint and Utah resorts handle the balance between Avalanche Safety and opening runs so well you hardly notice.

- Their growth will only make it harder for them to provide the experience they are promising. They are up to 120 people a day now and hoping to have approval to allow many more for unguided skiing in 2006.

- Even if things were working well you could only get in 3-5 runs per day. That's not much skiing. You spend too much time waiting for your guide, and waiting for the bus after each run on the backside where most of their terrain is.

My conclusion is that I would rather be nearly anywhere else than Silverton Mountain on a normal day and especially on a Powder day.  Why?  Because even if they fix everything else you will only get 3-5 runs at Silverton any day.  Most people that really ski can burn powder runs all day at Alta, Snowbird, Steamboat, Vail etc with the first 3-5 runs nearly untouched and the next 10-15 runs working the stashes.

For more details of our experience click on Silverton Mountain for details.


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