so what's the deal with powder 2 glass?

I've found that some of the best times in my life come between the powder snow of winter and the glassy refuge of our water wonderland Lake O.  This never ending cycle from powder 2 glass frames our path through life with it's many challenges and rewards.  I was born in Michigan so this continual transformation has always been a part of my life. Over time I've realized that many of my life's most memorable moments have been made possible by water's magical properties and phases.  My first memory in life is of water babies at the YMCA when I was 9 months old. I was passed around and dunked multiple times by strange women (a couple of which I can still picture and identify).  Amazingly enough surviving that experience that made me very comfortable in the water instead of permanently afraid of it. 

 Ever since the powder + glass have always mesmerized me and I have spent much of my life exploring their possibilities. Growing up in Michigan there was always plenty of both and since then I seem to seek out the best of both in my adventures.  I have found many challenges, friends and more from the powder 2 glass. My Mom taught me to swim, siblings taught me to "survive" in the water, & my Dad taught me to water-ski. I always loved the snow and learning to downhill ski brought me a taste of freedom. Moving to Colorado upped the ante with the vast playground the mountains and the friends I met here brought. We learned together about making the commitment to the sports we loved without regard to if it is convenient, too cold, or whatever as those often turn out to be some of the best times. I soon developed a love for the rewards that effort and adversity brings and the places they have taken me.  I still have barely scratched the surface of what lies at my doorstep and that is one of the best reasons to look forward to getting up everyday.

At some point later I realized most of my favorite places and all of my favorite sports fell somewhere in between the powder + glass.  Before I knew it I met my wife & best friend because of friends I water-skied with.  I was able catch her interest on our first date at the lake as her life also was lived from powder 2 glass.  She grew up on the shores of Canandaigua Lake and the slopes of Bristol Mountain water-skiing, skiing, fishing and sailing with her family and friends and was missing the glass she grew up on in Canandaigua given the scarcity of good smooth water in Colorado. Yet another way that I am lucky to share a lease on private lake, it helped me land my Canandaigua Lady.

She and I are lucky to share a very similar love for life and now even luckier to get to share all that we love with our new little man Alden and yellow lab Woody.  Alden will get to share it with his twenty something new baby buddies and they will surely take things to a whole new level.

So that's the deal with powder 2 glass and I and now we have found some of the best things between the  powder 2 glass.

we live best from the powder 2 glass

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