a brief history of wendy & jon

     It all started in May of 1998 when Wendy & Jon met.  Jon liked to do a lot of sports and travel with his friends, that pretty much encompassed his plans. Wendy liked to do sports and hang with friends but she had a few more plans.  She quickly found out Jon had a boat and thought, he's not much to look at and kind of goofy but I want to water-ski in my wedding, remodel his house, have babies, and ...?   Jon thought, wow she's pretty cool and a good athlete too. I'm not looking for anything serious, but she just asked me out?  What better place than the lake?  I'll bring along Lem, that should be safe!   Wendy went for a flying dock start (very impressive),  caught off guard Jon had to answer with some skiing and bare-footing too.   Lem suddenly got very busy that evening and had to leave.  They went to Jon's house to cook dinner and before they even started Wendy swooped in for a surprise kiss. The 4th of July came early that year and Jon could almost hear the Canandaigua Lady sing.

   Wendy instantly wooed Jon's friends, somehow Wendy's parent's liked Jon.  Jon's bachelor defenses were weakening and he smelled trouble.  Before Jon knew it he was far away with the boy's in Utah skiing some serious powder (where he thought he was safe) and found himself thinking of Wendy as he skied top to bottom in deep pow.  How could this be? Here he was skiing tons of epic powder with the boys for a long weekend and he missed this girl.  He knew if that didn't tell him his bachelor life was over nothing would and decided during that run to ask her to marry him while skiing the next fall (he was smart enough not to tell her how long he waited until his wedding speech).

   Thanksgiving came around  and they took a little trip to Steamboat to ski (as far as Wendy knew).  Jon called her dad Ted, asked if he could he could marry his lovely and charming daughter, Ted said yes because then he could retire.  Wendy gave some Jon some telemark skiing lessons and Jon popped the question on top of Storm Peak at the Steamboat ski area. Wendy was in a charitable mood (already picturing the wedding on water-skis, re-model, kids, ...) and just had to say yes.  From then to the next summer we were swept away by each other and the love shown by family and friends.

Before we knew it we were celebrating our wedding on water-skis 


Here we are in July 2002 having an amazing dinner with our friends Cynthia, Mark, Val & Jim. We had just found out more changes were on their way.


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