Our Little Steamboat Boo's First Ultrasound


Mouse over the picture to see a video clip of the ultrasound, it will automatically load and then play once it has finished downloading and restart any time you come back to the page or mouse over the image.

If you want to save the file right click on this link and then select "Save As"  (this shouldn't take long with broadband but over dialup either option will take about an hour to pull down)

   We got great news today at Wendyís ultrasound appointment.   We will be having a little girl and they now predict she will join us on Nov 14th, being a girl Iím sure we will arrive whenever she is ready ;)  Needless to say we are very excited to know that she looks healthy from head to toe and Alden will soon have a little sister to play with.  To all of those little boys out there I will be watching you very closely so donít even think about chasing my girl.  If you somehow mange to catch up to her you will likely find that she is too busy doing sports to be interested in you. If you can keep up she will have many tests for you to pass whether you know it or not.   She has now arrived in Steamboat so go see Neve on the blue link.