baby o

   I was lucky to meet a smart, charming, cute ... sporty girl.  She's from Canandaigua in Upstate New York and I'm from St. Joseph, MI both of us lived in the water and snow. Our lives to that point had made falling in love inevitable so before we knew it engagement, home improvements, marriage, the honeymoon, more home improvements, a second honeymoon, more & more home improvements, and then the ultimate challenge, a new little boy.  Last spring we finally got to work.  Here is Wendy in Steamboat making my favorite blueberry pie,  although we didn't know it at the time there is more in "the oven" than the pie and more to her glow here than just the tan.

4th of July weekend, 2002


before we knew it...

Baby O's first Ultra Sound at 20 weeks 5 days.

Wendy wanted to find out what to expect and I didn't so our compromise was to ask the ultrasound tech to write Baby O's gender on 3 pieces of paper which we sealed into 3 Christmas presents, one for us and each set of our parents to open Christmas morning.

"It's a Boy!"

Just after that on Dec 26th

Mom & Dad relaxing in the boat

Wendy just before we left for the hospital & in labor


Check out the pictures of our  baby...


Now that you have seen our first baby click here if you want to see Baby O

(I apologize to those of you viewing this with a modem, I've made them as small as possible without giving up too much image quality and viewing size)

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