our life from powder snow skiing to water-skiing on glass

but for now it's mostly about our son Alden & his little sister Neve

Neve Grace is here

see our little Steamboat Boo's first ultrasound

baby O has arrived !!!    baby O's first days

Snow Cat Powder Skiing   Silverton Mountain

brief history of wendy & jon    alden wade    canandaigua lady    Woody

You can help with Folding @ Home - disease research on your PC


 why powder2glass?

we live best from the powder 2 glass

 I am selling  Steamboat Springs Colorado Real Estate for a living.  We are excited our kids get the chance to grow up here and chase a few dreams of our own in the process. One of my favorite places in Steamboat is Marabou Ranch. Marabou Ranch is a gentleman's ranch that you only need to work on when you want to.  If you like to ski check out the ski blog.

 If you are looking for commercial or advertising photographer, I can recommend Chip Raches. He is a professional Los Angeles based advertising photographer who also frequently woks in  Montana and Colorado.

Halloween and Christmas are coming

Halloween is nearly here and my friend Alek has upped the ante again this year and will have 3 wireless webcams that allows the world to see his Halloween decorations and his Christmas lights that you could control from your web browser and see the results in real time on a webcam.

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